And, just when you made up your mind, your too lazy, or way too set in your ways to change, or your stubborn and crazy in the head or what? I give you the link between your health and INTIMACY. If your married, good. This can be the very thing you need to ignite the spark or make the sex better. If you are single, once you have your body where you want it, you may be surprised how your sex drive is different. In fact, it’s way better. That’s the way you want to have it because as you know that is a great part of our lives. When you feel great, you will want more sex, and for some, the more the better.


I have always believed that god has put for us on the earth with all the things that we need to control all diseases. There are many types of diseases, and so there are many remedies and treatments. However, I will choose the one I feel closest to, since I myself has had this for many years, and it is going to affect millions of people.


When I was about the age of 31, I was diagnosed with DIABETES-TYPE II. That means my blood sugar levels were not normal. When tested, I always read above 120mg which for that time is not normal. This was due to me gaining and losing weight which occurred several times in my life. Once, when I was about 27 years old, when I was up to about 190 pounds, and then subsequently after. I always drank tea so that was always in my system. However, I needed more than just tea, I needed to be a nutritionist. So, I put myself on a strict diet. Ooh, I dislike that word because diets don’t work … they are temporary. What I should have done, and now know, is I should have put myself on a Lifestyle Change Plan and do KEY#-1, the fitness plan for your life, and KEY#-2, to fuel your body with powerful food and the top ten power foods in the world.

Since I had CHANGED MY MIND, this chapter, to lose weight and to control my diabetes. That was the icing on the cake. I put myself on my own Lifestyle change and started eating lunches and dinners like TUNA FISH and lettuce. At the time I had no knowledge of just adding tuna fish in water was a POWER FOOD! I just knew and did it! The results I had just from that were amazing. I had lost about a total of 30 pounds. I didn’t even do that much exercise except for running. I used to run around my block a few times, which helped. So, when I got married at age 28, I was a svelte 155. I did it! The other time was when I was slightly older and had gained back the 25 or 30 pounds due to uncontrolled eating, my body was not producing enough insulin to control my blood sugar and my triglycerides were high. So, this is how I was to be for the rest of my life? God, I had the SILENT KILLER DIABETES. I had to do something about it, so I did, with the help of this chapter KEY#-4. Recently, I just CHANGED MY MIND. RESULTS:

The body I now have dates back to when I was 31 and fit. My skin is amazing, I can run like the wind again, Lift weights like I’m 20! Do 50 push-ups lightning fast including one handed push-ups!

My bloodwork shows my sugar and glucose levels have normalized and my AIC is down significantly. I have lost my stomach almost completely AND my sex drive is THROUGH THE ROOF! I spend my days walking around in a 31- year-old body with the muscle mass men would kill for. Most mornings I wake up feeling so amazing and strong and healthy. Everyone should feel this way.

People see me and they look and look again. The women are nuts, they stand around me just to be noticed, drop their keys (on purpose). Even get a glimpse through windows, I’m telling you life is way different. And it’s public perception of what you are. It’s almost like I get new respect. And in addition, the change does wonders or your own self-image. It’s wonderful. My family is also very happy. I’m fit and most importantly, happy, because they know where it leads to. Both men and women at ANY age can do this and I highly recommend that you do. It will change your LIFE! So……………….. DO IT!

This has saved my life! It could save your marriage, relationship business, everything. Just do it! Follow all the keys and you, too, can feel fabulous. My warning is this: don’t ever let yourself get unfit or fat again. Once you have CHANGED YOUR MIND and done this, never get out of shape again! And furthermore, I still must watch what I eat and drink, especially the cheating because it’s NOT EASY!