In going around talking and motivating people on one fine Sunday, my day to relax my mind and body, just drinking my morning cup of coffee, I came across an individual that has inspired me to share with you some of his own words. His name was Richard, and Richard said that his younger nephew was thinking about going into a gang. So, Richard said he sat down with this nephew and said “Listen man…. I want you to close your eyes … and take yourself out of your body and rise up … rise up so far up that you are looking at the earth in space. Far enough to see the whole world, but close to it. Then he said, that’s what you are capable of … changing the whole world. So, I said “YES, THAT’S IT!” That’s the concept. When you change your mind and don’t allow yourself to be used and abused or anything going on in your life, from divorce or the contemplating it to the death of someone you love dearly. LET THAT be the catalyst for you to change, because it is so important for YOU. It’s your life to help others in need. We all need each other. We all need to have similar minds. We all need each other to help one another. We all need to stand UNITED! WE ARE THE WORLD!

I know exactly what you are thinking, it’s very hard to change, but it is you that must love yourself. If you love yourself then YOU have the power to change, Say NO! I will stop this behavior, stop it at once! And change the way you do things, one decision at a time. Think, then the blessings will come into your life. It’s almost like getting a reward or a treat. What is happening to you is very real and it gets better and better. Some you could laugh your ass off. Some get on your knees. For they will come I assure you. I myself was amazed, taken back and blown away at the stuff that was given to me blessed, and super fabulous. So, the person inside came outside and overcame many, many issues to an overall enlightenment as to what is the NEXT important thing in your LIFE is LIFE itself! What better gift to give myself. I just happen to know the other things and BAMM. 1 thought it out and realized that I was all powerful, now and have gained control over my body, so then with that determination I put my plan into action and inside of 180 days I’ve done this. It is truly an amazing accomplishment and I’m living breathing proof it can be done.! And all I did was CHANGE MY MIND….FOLLOW ME!