The health benefits of water are amazing since 90% of our bodies are made of it. Water always needs to be replaced. We get water through the drinking of tea and coffee but it is not enough. In our Lifestyle Change Plan, we need at least three bottles or 36 oz. of purest water that we lose everyday through breathing, sweating, exercise and just going to the bathroom. Water also hydrates you especially if you live and work in the heat or in the arid parts of the United States, or other places in the world that are just hot and dry (Just like You! LOL)


Since the very existence of Earth, we have been covered with approx. 2/3rd of it. Yes, the amazing oceans, so vast and majestic, with all the creatures that are in it. Some of these fish we feed on. The water we are talking about is salt water. This water is not good for the human body and not to be ingested because of its high sodium content. This type of water is made for the many creatures and wonders of the sea, not to be drank by you or me.

It is a known fact that we simply cannot survive without Water. We all know that our bodies cannot live without water until up to about eight days or so. If we do not drink water depending on the individual, and the physical condition of that individual, the human body will start to shut down. First with our major organs, and then we suffer from dehydration, and then we will perish and die.

The bottom line is, since I’m going to say here that water is THE KEY TO LIFE, I’m going to recommend drinking 3 to 4 bottles of purified water every day of your life.


tap water

We all live somewhere we can get Tap Water. It’s usually available 24/7. Now, when I was living in Suffolk County, New York we were hit up by a up and coming water filtration company which I believe was a way we can draw water unless we have a major system for the sea. Anyway, they came to the house and tested our drinking (tap) water. According to them we had dozens and dozens of containments in our water. I was not surprised at all. What I wasn’t prepared for was the cost installed the water filtration system was over $8,000 and I said, ‘Hell no’ to that. So, we just drank tap water. Remember bottled water companies were just breaking out, so we had no choice. Filtered bottled water is best for you. Try it on ice. Drink and enjoy!