May everyone whooo (I am an owl), Bruce the Beast or whatever you want to call me. I’m taking everyone with me, I’m taking the strong, the talented, the Brainiacs OMG. All of the people of all races, religious, sex preferences all of the weak and frail, your mothers and fathers so we may heal them.

Only as we stand together, in our goals, may we accomplish them. Only if we stand together united as one people, ONE RACE, HUMAN! may we stand strong and so together. We all bleed the same blood, sweat and labor the same, have the same beating heart, Love the same. Respect and honor the same people as we are, then and only then can we stand all powerful and so strong. We all must strive to be A UNITED WORLD!

Currently we are approx 7.5 billion people and that number is growing exponentially. We are expected to be at 11.2 billion by the year 2100. UN projections show a continued increase in population soon with a steady decline in population growth RATE, the world population is expected to reach between 8.3 billion and 10.9 billion by 2050 and 11.2 billion by the year 2100.

WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF LAND, WE NEED MORE! (And, they are not making any.) WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME! (We will eventually die.) WE ARE OVERFLOWING AND POURING OUT OUR HEARTS, MINDS AND BODIES INTO NEAR EXHAUSTION just to get the almighty dollar.) WE ARE DOING THINGS WRONG! YOU know what is wrong; our fathers, mothers and teachers have taught us what is right.

It is time to own it, it’s time to take control, it’s time to STOP! All the KILLING AND ROBBING OF ONE ANOTHER! I alone can’t change you! YOU MUST CHANGE YOU! Please I beg you to STOP! STOP hitting your wife or girlfriend AT ONCE! Stop the killing of innocent CHILDREN! For our children are our future! For our mothers should whoop our asses. Our Mothers, the females will take control of the situation and kick your asses all over the house. BEAT YOU DOWN, when she gets a hold of you. Then and only then will you suffer her wrath. Solution: Be good! Make everyone proud of you.



My heart has been saddened with last week’s passing of my father, Milton Bromberg. Passing from this life and living as a kind and loving dad, and he has taught me the very health I have now. To live as he lived, fit and healthy. Has passed into spirit and soul everlasting peace. I Rejoice in his life. And, I know he is watching over me.

The grandfather of health has passed away on June 8, 2017 at the age of 94.5 years. Hey, Fitness guru Jack LaLane who worked his ass off, like me, to muscle up, passes at age 96. And my dad, who ate right and drank right, and only played tennis lives to 94.5? Not bad EH. Well, I AM HIS SON! GUESS WHAT I AM GOING TO DO.