There is not a doctor in the world that does not promote the drinking of water. They say that drinking eight glasses of water a day is the key to living a longer life. Water is very good for you. Our bodies are made up of 90% water.

I stood up and said NO! Don’t drink just plain water DRINK TEA! I’ve been drinking all types of tea for over 50 years!

There are medical studies done that have come out that says…Tea is what you call a ‘Natural Food’ for the brain. Tea preferably green or black or white teas are highly recommended. Green tea is one of the less processed leaves made from un-oxidized leaves. Because of this, it contains most of the antioxidants and helpful polyphenols. Antioxidants are substances that inhibit oxidation on the cellular level which is the process that damages the cell membranes of the brain. This oxidation causes such diseases of the brain and can lead to such disorders like ALZHEIMERS and PARKINSONS DISEASE and DEMENTIA. Studies show that the drinking of green Tea helps reduce the risks of suffering from Heart disease because it improves the health of the cells lining your blood vessels. Green tea is also associated with lowering cholesterol levels and artery blockages.

The bottom line is that it increases the blood flow to our brains and lets our brains breathe! Together with its main ingredient WATER it flushes out our entire bodies and permeates our skin. It helps fight those potential diseases such as COLON CANCER, STOMACH CANCER, and it’s a well-proven fact.

The effect of tea on health


Studies have found that some teas help with HEART DISEASE, DIABETES, endurance, and it promotes weight loss, lowers cholesterol, and brings about Mental Alertness and Clarity. Tea also has other antimicrobial qualities and the complex make up, for some teas are good for the arteries of the heart. Again, drinking of tea can and will prevent or reduce our risk substantially from getting heart disease, strokes and other diseases. STRICKEN FROM OUR LIFETIME! GOODBYE, FAREWELL TO THAT!

There are still some questions that remain about how long tea is a benefit to the system or how much of it you must drink of it to maintain MAXIMUM HEALTH. However, you see it, I am the walking, living breathing PROOF of those questions about the long-term benefits of tea and an example for all the world to see….

There are so many brands of tea in the world it’s hard to choose. To be honest (there’s even such a brand) all teas are good for you. There’s different teas for different people. Depending on your own situation and taste, will determine what type of tea would you prefer. For Example:

Diabetics can ONLY drink diet tea because it contains no sugar. However, the diet tea has artificial sweeteners, like Aspartame, since the FDA has approved Aspartame for human consumption. However, there are no long-term studies done on the effect on the body and has affected my blood sugar levels and not positively. If you’re a very young adult, you can start drinking tea as early as 3 or 4 years of age. However, a 3 or 4-year-old needs a more variety of drinks anyways, if he or she wants to grow strong and healthy bones and teeth. And, most importantly THEIR BRAINS.