We all know we like to drink our morning coffee with a little milk. People who are young, like below 20’s, should be drinking milk anyway. However, as we start to age we start to gain weight as our bodies change over our lifetime. So, to combat that process we already have developed milk products such as no-fat and 1% and 2%, skim milk, half and half and even lactose intolerant milk along with almond, or coconut, or vanilla silk milk which has only 90 calories per serving (1 Cup), has 4% fat-not saturated fat, zero cholesterol, a minimum amount of sodium (7%) and is low in carbohydrates and sixteen sugars per serving. But, that is one cup or 8oz. A diabetic is recommended to have because of its sugar/cup ratio and especially if they are doing all four keys as I am.

So, maybe we don’t want to use milk. I say why not? Milk has Vitamin D, calcium, which is highly beneficial for young children and young teenagers, and up to young adulthood, to grow healthy and strong bones and teeth. Milk’s calcium gives you nutrients such as vitamin K, strontium, magnesium and vitamin A, vitamin B12, riboflavin, niacin and phosphorus, and potassium.

In other words, MILK packs your health with so much POWER I’m going to say it’s the #1 POWER DRINK IN THE WORLD, a drink that is on the same Level as TEA!

The National Dairy Council says, in fact, just one 8 oz. glass of milk provides the same amount of vitamin D as you get from 3.5 oz. of SALMON, another power food. WOW a power drink indeed. And, as much calcium as you get from 2 1/4 cups of BROCCOLI … Another! And as much potassium as a small banana, as much vitamin A as two baby carrots and as much phosphorous as a cup of kidney beans. For real? That’s two super foods that beats the hell out of other nutritious things for you. I want to call it KING MILKIE (named after my dad Milton Bromberg —— The Grandfather of Health).

Here are some of the health benefits from drinking milk:



The nutrients in milk can play an important part in weight loss, says Dr. Brian Roy, Associate Professor of Applied Heath and sciences at Canada’s Brock University. Dr. Roy published a study done on the impact of milk and has on the body post-excursive which he admits there is some controversy surrounding milk’s influence on weight loss and body fat (watch this). In general, however, recent studies have shown that when milk is consumed by young adults after weight training, they lost more percentage of body fat and gained more muscle mass than those who had consumed different drinks that contained the same energy and macronutrients.

The bottom line is by adding the servings from drinking milk into your LIFESTYLE CHANGE, especially young men and women 20 years of age or younger, will increase your energy in moderation to offset any negative effects from the fat and the sugars in milk. With proper exercise for men and women, 20 years or older, it will cut the women’s and men’s guts down, when losing the weight that natural life gives our bodies.



Milk has enough calcium to guarantee the growth of healthy teeth and bones, and the for the maintenance of your bones. Younger adults are recommended to drink 8 oz. or more per day of this amazing stuff because their bodies are still growing. Although the cholesterol and sugars in milk may have negative effects on one’s health depending on conditions. I do recommend that you drink some type of milk mentioned on page. The bottom line is since cholesterol and fats fuel the risk of heart disease including blood pressure, a careful Lifestyle Change is just what it is made for. You have the KEYS mentioned in here. There are no excuses. Drink that 8 oz. of milk every day because your body will take all the nutrients and the fat, and the cholesterol, and use it to its advantage, so it has little or NO EFFECT. So, drink the daily recommended dose of KING MILKIE every day to maintain healthy bones and grow those pearly whites! Enjoy! Drink Milkie man.