It turns out that drinking that morning cup of coffee is amazingly good for you and for so many reasons, here is why:

Coffee Lowers Your Diabetes Type Ii Risk

In studies done at Harvard Medical School drinking six 8 oz. cups of coffee per day reduces the risk of getting Type II diabetes by as much as 33%.

Protects The Liver


Studies made conducted by Senajoki Hospital have shown that drinking two cups of coffee daily was shown to protect the liver from damaging diseases such as CIRROSIS OF THE LIVER. Because of enzymes in the coffee this factor has decreased the liver damaging enzyme GGT (Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase) levels up to about 50%.

Coffee Improves Your Memory

In a study done by Neuroscientists at John’s Hopkins University found that moderate coffee drinking improves short and long-term memory, in addition to jolting your nervous system into gear every morning in other words. It wakes you up. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC} drinking coffee may be a potential treatment of ALZHEIMERS DISEASE. The caffeine in coffee affects the levels of Abeta the protein believed to be responsible for the disease. Not only did it treat it, it also seemed to lower the chances of developing Alzheimer’s at all.

Coffee Protects Against Gout

In research done by the Arthritis Foundation, they found that the more coffee consumed the lower the risk developing the chronic joint condition known as GOUT. Drinking coffee lowers the levels of uric acid in the blood.

Coffee Improves Your Mood

In a research study done at Harvard Medical Department of Public Health revealed that drinking 3 to 4 cups of coffee lowers the risk of depression in women up to 20%, due to the increased production of the “ feelgood’ neurochemicals.

Coffee Reduces The Risk Of Parkinsons’

In other research done by the Harvard Medical School drinking 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day can cut the risk of developing PARKINSONS DISEASE by as much as 50%.

Coffee Helps with Cardiovascular Health

A mega study containing a study of one million people was conducted to address the theory that coffee consumption was detrimental to cardiovascular health due to the common myth that believes caffeine was not good for you. It turned out that it is not only good for you, it’s great for you, because of the accelerated heartbeat it gives your heart like a jump. When your heart is jumping, then your heart is pumping baby.

The study also shows that drinking 3 to 5 cups was more beneficial, however 2-3 or more is more like the balance you need to maintain maximum health and this also depends on your own DNA makeup.

Colon Cancer Recovery


A new study by the Colon Cancer Oncology Alliance was done and it proves that drinking coffee while recovering from Colon Cancer surgery is beneficial. The patients that were part of the study had STAGE 3 COLON CANCER. Which means that the cancer has spread into the nearby lymph nodes but not into the rest of the body. Once in recovery, those who drank one or more cups a day were 42% less likely to have the CANCER return and were 33% less likely to die from that type of cancer than non-coffee drinkers.

In summary, indeed, coffee is another POWER DRINK, and therefore I highly recommend it for all of us. ALL of us, except children. They need MILK and other drinks. But, as you grow, it is beneficial to drink coffee, at a minimum of two cups every day for the rest of your life and for some people to have even 3- 5 cups everyday ESPECIALLY if your family history has inherent disease issues in their GENES. So, drink up everyone. Because coffee is so, so good…. To Life!



We all know we like to drink it. However most of us would like to sweeten that morning cup of “Joe” with a little sweetener and guess what the number one sweetener is? That’s right just plain old sugar. Well for those of us adults under the age of 20, its cool. I would say that a young adult who has already Conquered Key#-4 and Key#-3 and Key#-2 you can certainly can have the sugar. However as you age that is NOT going to be the case. Men and Women who are in the process of building their bodies and who have made the decision to do so should and can wean themselves off sugar, as I should have done that myself a long time ago.

We were led to believe that those with DIABETES TYPE II must use artificial sweeteners since pure cane sugar is not good for Diabetics. And, we don’t like drinking coffee…black. Certain sweeteners that are good for diabetics are known and used today such as Stevia and Truvia. I believe that, so far, they are the best ones out there. In the future we will develop similar products like those, but right now are limited to what we have available for use.

An alternative to sugar or artificial sweeteners to change the taste of our coffee because some people don’t like the taste and we all need coffee to be part of our plan, is to use honey. It’s a natural sweetener made by bees and has over 12 health benefits as mentioned in Key-#2. Another choice is to put some cinnamon in your coffee to change its taste and color some people will love the aroma. So, Drink up!